Tenemos malas noticias que daros, esta semana acaban los descuentos que nos han ido acompañando durante la cuarentena, pero dejemos el drama, porque el plato fuerte lo hemos dejado para el final 😉

We hacked prices on Talentec’s crown jewel, our most premium kit, * drums *… THE BARTOP NEXT STAGE KIT!

You can stand out for its black color, but without a doubt what else we like it is its folding control panel, the hinges and the screws, why that? Because its assembly is super simple (in our blog a talenter teaches how to mount it). Come on, look for the most painted vinyl and ask for the kit that It will be the envy of your friends.

Remember that we have returned to the charge, we are preparing orders with love always!

You have until April 21 to enjoy your discount. Send us pictures, leave us a review and get extra discounts

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