B2B distribution

Linea gris

In addition to the sales service to end customers, from TALENTEC we carry out the distribution of material directly to companies. If you are a professional related to the computer, video games, arcade, retro, geek or sale of such products; you can enjoy lower prices by accessing the reseller program.


Reseller Program

At TALENTEC we reward your trust in us. Thanks to our reseller program you can enjoy the same quality as always, with better prices.

To access the reseller program you only have to:

  • Being a professional in the field of computers, video games, arcade, retro, geek or sale of related products.
  • Register on our website.
  • Fill out the form below and attach the requested documentation.



How does the reseller program work?

There are 5 reseller levels: bronze, silver, gold, platinum and diamond. By accessing the program, you will automatically become a bronze level.


Niveles resellers 2022


This level is recalculated annually and is a function of the total purchases made in the past year (taxes not included). Specifically, these are the amounts that separate the levels in this year 2022:

  • Bronze:               0€
  • Silver:           1000€
  • Gold:             2000€
  • Platinum:     4000€
  • Diamond:     6000€

The higher your reseller level, the better discounts you will enjoy. Once you access the program you will only have to log in to our website to enjoy the benefits. We are waiting for you!

    Reseller program form

    Documentation to be attached:
    - Fotocopy of tax identification card or National Identity Card.
    - Form showing the VAT rate, heading and addresses.
    - Certificate of census status.
    Please click the following link to upload the documentation to WeTransfer, click "use link" and copy the created link: