One of our PCs has been the victim of a virus that spreads by email. These emails attach a word file with macros with malicious code. If you have any problem with the antivirus, and activated the option to run macros in Office, you will become infected and resend that email. The safest is to ignore and eliminate them.

In our case, we have been infected through another company from which we expected some documents. We have taken the necessary actions to be clean and stop being carriers; but we do not rule out that other mails can arrive from other domains, pretending to be us. In turn, we have taken steps to increase our security.

The purpose of this email is to inform to avoid further contagion and that we can end this malicious chain. Sorry for the inconvenience.



We have made known to the Telematic Crimes of the National Police in Spain the impersonation that we are suffering.

If you receive an email with an attached document, delete it. We are not sending them.

Sorry for the inconvenience.