Complete the scariest Halloween test and get discounts

halloween bartop

You have Norman Bates, Ghostface, Samara and Chucky knocking on your door waiting for you to take our horror test. Show everything you know about the retro world, but scary. Each correct answer will add a discount, that is, you can only use the discount once. Talentec opens the door to his house of terror.

On October 31 Halloween is celebrated, the party everywhere of skeletons, witches, vampires … and sweets! The pumpkin is the main protagonist, it consists of dressing up as a monster and asking for sweets at the houses … That is the basic information. But how much do you really know about this party? Test your knowledge with this terrifying quiz about Halloween.

For this reason, at Talentec we have created something very special and it is a test that will be available until Sunday, November 1, with which we want to know if you are a true Halloweener, what do you get? Each correct answer is a discount to use on our products. You just have to participate and share your result on networks. Prepared?


Happy Halloween!

Discover the urban legends of retro video games that will leave you stunned!

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