▼▼ This fall comes the remastering of one of the top arcade games

September comes loaded with games, remasters or simply adaptations to consoles retro games want to stay

The most complete version of the Taito arcade arrives this fall with 100 new levels in addition to the originals; free for the current version of Switch. Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: Baron is Back! It is the new and most complete version of Bubble Bobble 4 Friends, a title that arrived at the end of last year exclusively for Nintendo Switch and which will now also arrive on PS4 along with the complete edition for the hybrid console.

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Thus, the fan-favorite villain, Baron von Blubba, returns along with 100 new levels loaded with previously unreleased challenges, in addition to the 100 original scenarios for a total of 200 levels full of fun, enemies and bubbles. In addition, players who already have Bubble Bobble 4 Friends on Nintendo Switch will receive the new content for free through a new update, so it will not be necessary to go through the box again to enjoy the new levels that Taito has prepared for the occasion.

But there is more; and it is that beyond the hundred of new levels, Bubble Bobble 4 Friends: Baron is Back! It will also come with the online rankings, a feature highly demanded by the community that finally becomes a reality, giving players the opportunity to compare their scores with those of the rest of the players in the world, adding a bonus of replayability to overcome the records of the best and most skilled players in the world.

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