Street Fighter ALPHA 2’s secret character comes to light after 25 years lost in the video game

street fighter

All these years we have felt like the kings of the mambo, the wise men that we had the keys to the arcade world, we were wrong. After years of working on mods for the fighting title, the player Gizaha has found something that many considered impossible. It turns out that contrary to everything we thought it was possible to play with the terrible Shin Akuma, probably the strongest enemy in the game. It only took 25 years to figure out how.

There were classic schoolyard rumors about this possibility. It is normal that nobody has found it in this time: unlocking it only serves for a specific battle against another player. In addition, you have to enter a very specific secret code that you could not activate without knowing it with the best of luck. To find it, Gizaha has had to work with the title code in the SNES version for over a year.

What do we have to do? Take a pen and notes.

  1. To do this, the first thing is to overcome the Arcade mode of the game with the highest score so far.
  2. After that, we must enter KAJ as a name and return to the title screen.
  3. Pull out a second controller and hold L, X, Y, and Start at the same time.
  4. The first player must choose Versus mode in the meantime, and after entering either player can take control of Shin Akuma. You just have to choose the normal version of the character, hold down Start and the title screen itself will turn purple.

It is complicated, but the price is worth it. Being able to unlock one of the strongest secret bosses in the franchise in such an old video game is something special. It is incredible that Capcom continues to surprise its fans even without intending it with so many years behind it.

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