RasPi arcade stick | The customizable smart arcade stick



190521: We have add the PRO versión of the TALENTEC and RasPi arcade stick.  These versions assembles original Sanwa components (buttons and stick).

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In TALENTEC we have been working to develop a new concept for the arcade sticks. A smart arcade stick: The RasPi arcade stick.
Thanks to the RasPi arcade stick you will be able to connect directly to a TV by HDMI and play with it like a video console. Also, you will be able to use it like a conventional USB arcade stick compatible with PC, Raspberry, PS3 and PS4; owing to the USB output port. 
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Additionally we have develop the TALENTEC arcade stick, a conventional USB arcade stick compatible too with PC, Raspberry, PS3and PS4 in legacy mode.
Both arcade sticks are customizable.
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  Please, before collaborate, revise carefully the rewards:

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We call smart arcade stick to the arcade stick that not need a video console or computer to play. This is possible thanks to the electronic brain inside. In our case, the RasPi arcade stick includes a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ 🙂
Thanks to Raspberry, and thanks to the developers of this kind of software, you can charge by a SD card an Operative System (OS onwards) to convert the arcade stick in a console arcade stick. The most popular OS to Raspberry Pi 3 B+, focused in emulation, are:
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As a result of this OS you will able to enjoy more than 50 different platforms in your RasPi arcade stick! For example, with Retropie you can emulate more than the next systems: 
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Even exist other OS like Kodi, Pi MusicBox or Open Media Vault to convert your RasPi arcade stick in a multimedia center or NAS (network attached storage).

These OS are totally free but aren’t included in our products. You can download them and obtain more info on their websites.

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To enjoy the RasPi arcade stick you only need introduce a micro SD card with the OS to the smart stick and plug in to the display by HDMI.
190502 TALENTEC RasPi arcade Stick back part SD
 The RasPi arcade stick has inside the last model of Raspberry, the Raspberry Pi 3B+, and additional ports to facilitate the game experience to users.
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Available ports:
  • 5V micro USB Inlet power: Feed your RasPi arcade stick with a mobile phone charger. Cable with switch included.
  • HDMI port:Connect the arcade stick to a TV. Cable included.
  • Auxiliary port: Connect your headphones or audio system
  • Output USB: Use your Raspi Arcade Stick like a conventional arcade stick in any PC, Raspberry, PS3 or PS4; using a USB cable.
  • Input USB: Let other players play with you connecting their USB arcade stick.
  • Micro SD port: Change your OS easily thanks to this port.

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So, you have an smart arcade stick and an conventional USB arcade stick (compatible with PC, Raspberry Pi, PS3 or PS4 in legacy mode) in the same gadget.

190502 TALENTEC RasPi arcade Stick box

 It will be available in three standard designs:
  • Spectro edition: With an inspired design in the 80s computers.
  • 8 bits edition: With an inspired design in the 80s videoconsole controls.
  • TALENTEC edition: With an own industrial style.

190502 TALENTEC RasPi arcade stick Spectro edition

190502 TALENTEC RasPi arcade stick 8 bits edition

190502 TALENTEC RasPi arcade stick TALENTEC edition

  Also, in TALENTEC we offer you the option to create your totally customized arcade stick. With the custom version you will able to modify:
  • The color combination of buttons and stick. Select between black, blue, green, red, white and/or yellow.
  • The stickers: Download the templates in .psd or .ai format, create your design and send us.
     You will receive your RasPi arcade stick totally customized and ready to play!
190502 TALENTEC RasPi arcade stick Custom edition
Features of the RasPi arcade stick:
RasPI arcade stick eng
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In parallel, we have developed the TALENTEC arcade stick, the little brother of the RasPi arcade stick, which share the same design.
The TALENTEC arcade stick is a conventional USB arcade stick aimed to users that look for an additional pad to play plug in on the RasPi, users that look for a design arcade stick or a customized arcade stick.
The TALENTEC arcade stick has an USB cable of 1,5 meters and it is compatible with:
  • PC
  • Raspberry Pi
  • Play Station 3
  • Play Station 4 in legacy mode.

190501 TALENTEC arcade stick images

It will be available in the same designs than the RasPi arcade stick
  • Spectro edition
  • 8 bits edition
  • TALENTEC edition
Also you will have the possibility to customize it!
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Features of the TALENTEC arcade stick:
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Note: The shipment time is conservative. The reason is, in case of having a huge success, we would be able to fulfill the schedule. In normal conditions, you will receive before items 🙂
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The main aims of the crowdfunding are:
  • Test the reception of the product by the market: we would like to know if is the moment for the smart arcade sticks.
  • Test if market loves customized articles: we are conscious that big brands rarely offer the possibility to custom their product. Are they not interested? Or is the market which not require it? We would like answer this.
  • Acquire a new equipment: To can offer the customized arcade sticks, we need vary the manner of work, so we need acquire a large cut plotter. 


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By the other hand, the advantages for customer are:
  • Discounts over the retail price. These are a special prices lower than the retail price.
    • RasPi arcade stick: 10€ of discount about the retail price.
    • TALENTEC arcade stick: 5€ of discount about the retail price.
  • Be the first to obtain the product.

Even there are some units with higher discounts and early deliveries! Do not lose this opportunity!


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TALENTEC entertainment SL is a Spanish company which focus their energy to improve the arcade games experience for players and facilitate this kind of leisure to everybody.

Currently we are an European reference like creators of kits do it yourself for arcade bartops and arcade stands; and our products are presents in more than 20 countries. Now, we would like become a reference in the arcade sticks market.



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The rewards of the crowdfunding are considered for us an advance sale. So, if we reach the goal, you will receive your arcade stick and your invoice.
We are under the Spanish law regarding the guarantee, this means that our products has 2 years warranty. Here you can check our complete warranty policy: https://talentec.es/warranty-and-returns/?lang=en

Risks and mitigations:

We think the major risk could be have an huge success: We have the material for a first print run, the incorporations to our team and the setup of a new production line. Everything according to the quantity we think we can reach. But reach a huge success is one of the possibilities, so we have an strategy based on new incorporations and the expansion of the production line to solve it. Our suppliers are aware of this possibility too.

This is the reason for a conservative schedule. We must be prepared in any case.


Put a new product in the market is always a challenge; and many more if is a newest product; but is a technology we dominate and we think that this is the moment.