Bartop and stand 24inch with custom design


Luis shares with us the result of his 24 “arcade project with custom design.

In addition, he has given us some technical tips that he has done with his Bartop:

  • Thanks to the HDMI input and USB output for the controls, it supports any external system you want to connect to it. In your case, you have it connected to your laptop through an HDMI duplicator. The monitor detects if the signal is from the PC or the Raspberry by means of an automatic switch and, with a USB selector, the buttons and levers are assigned to one system or another.
  • The monitor is a 25 “IPS 2K / 60FPS to take full advantage of the panel space. It is a monitor for designers, so it gives a lot of cleanliness in the pixels and the colors are very vivid.
  • On the sides there are buttons associated with control 1 that siren for pinballs, they also serve to emulate the button of the sticks in some modern games and thus have a complete joystick.
  • The front has 3 USB to connect peripherals and a headphone output.
  • Two extra buttons are added for each player in order to have the complete configuration required by almost any game and to add shortcuts to emulator functionalities.
  • It has 4 high-performance wheels to be able to move it and raise it slightly.
  • The audio consists of a fairly powerful sound bar housed under the monitor, near the keypad.
  • A colored USB strip to illuminate the marquee.

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