Bartop 24″ with Donkey Kong Arcade custom design


📢📢 We have photos of a new project !! You cannot miss the final result of this 24 ”bartop with 30mm holes and 16mm service buttons. The custom design is from Donkey Kong Arcade made by Elektronicaone. In addition, our user has dared to make some modifications to the front panel and give a touch of color with the yellow u-molding.

What do you think? Leave us your opinion in comments 👇

From TALENTEC we would like to congratulate you on the result and thanks for sharing it with the entire arcade community. 👏👏

Do you want to see all the designs compatible with TALENTEC bartops and pedestals? In DeviantArt you can find a compilation of the most original designs 😉 Check out here to find out more designs available for your machine: 👇


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