Marc Márquez celebrates his 7th World Championship with a game

Last weekend, the Spanish rider Marc Márquez won his seventh motorcycle world title and celebrated it in a very original way: playing a game in a huge aracade machine.

In the arcade machine you could play the “Marc Márquez Pro Race Challenge”, where he was the protagonist. In the game, which reminds a lot of the aesthetics of the Hang On, you can see how Marc goes from level to reach the seventh, where he reached the final victory.

The immense machine, needed of immense complements, so to begin the game had to introduce a coin the size of a plate. The final prize for completing the game, was a new design of gold and black helmet, with a number 1 style 8 bits. All a nod to all who love the arcade world ;-)

We leave you with the video of the celebration:


In this other RedBull video you can see the aspect of the game where the milestones of his sporting career are appearing:


We wish you the best luck in the world and we hope that you continue to exceed levels in the coming years 😉

ongratulations champion!

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