Worldwide crash of the Redsys payment platform during Black Friday

black friday redys

From the Talentec team we apologize if this Black Friday you have tried to make a payment and have not been able to get it
On November 27, many websites suffered problems with the payment of their products, this was due to the fall of Redys, the most used by most banking entities, collapsed and left the online payment platform of many banks in a intensive use day. As the company itself admitted through Twitter, the system stopped working for several minutes, although some users expressed complaints for hours about the impossibility of making their purchases. “Due to high consumption due to the volume of operations, preventive measures are being applied in Electronic Commerce. This sometimes may be causing some difficulty in accessing administrative tools, but without affecting the operational level, “the company explained to consumer complaints. With its error, Redsys delayed the purchases of many buyers, who were eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Black Friday discounts, In addition, the platform also operates in many of the POS terminals of physical stores, so the fall of the service could also have affected traditional sales. What has this meant? That Black Friday, the day most awaited by both consumers and companies, has been a failure. And you, have you had a problem with Redys in another online store? What product were you wanting to buy and couldn’t due to this system failure? Let us know! Discover how to prepare the operating system of your Bartop in an easy way! Stay tuned to our blog and discover new things every week;) Don’t miss all the news about the arcade world and the gaming world on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Fanpage and Talentec blog, don’t you follow us yet? Take a look 😉