Discover the crossover of two mythical games that you never expected to see

And when you thought that 2020 could not surprise you more, the crossover that you did not expect arrives. We recently celebrated the birthday of one of the most mythical arcade games and that generation after generation we have all played, the wonderful Pac-Man, but to that we add that Monopoly is 85 years old.

The two brands are now coming together to bring the Monopoly Arcade Pac-Man to life. The game will try to bring together the best of both worlds, with a board in which you will have to move forward and be very careful where you fall, but whose purpose is that what you get in it will serve you to use it in a small arcade machine.

In this you will have to complete and go up levels, nothing to accumulate money and properties as in the classic Monopoly. Players have to accumulate points with which to advance levels.

Therefore, the levels are those that replace the properties so characteristic of the more traditional Monopoly. Those points with which to get levels can be accumulated thanks to the squares in which you land on the board. Some will give you more and others will take them away, it all depends on fortune. As you pass through the starting square, you will earn points. And as usual, it will be the bank that manages the points of each user, only in this case it does not exist as such.

Banking is personified in the little arcade machine. Each player will have plastic coins that he will be able to insert into the machine and this will indicate the points you have and it is through which you can manage the levels you have. Also those that you buy or those that you sell, because these operations can continue to be done just as you can negotiate with the rest of the participants. The colors of the neighborhoods of houses are transported to the walls of the video game, while the decks of cards now become pills of special powers that will give you an advantage over your opponents. They are the Power Pellets and the Power-Ups.

On the other hand, the biggest nod to Pac-Man is that there will be a ghost wandering the board constantly that can trap some of the players and deprive them of playing for some turns or harm them in the sense of snatching points..

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