Start Black Friday Retro with the best discounts


You thought that we were going to disappoint you and that you were not going to be able to enjoy Black Friday at Talentec, but we have bundled the blanket over our heads and we have brought you the best discounts so that you can bring your Christmas gifts forward and what you save, you can spend it in you in the surprises that we will bring in a few months 😉 Warm up, that you go out. We have discounts on Bartop Kit, arcade controllers, arcade consoles, pedestals, vinyls, controls and much more. Browse our website and prepare the arcade cart of your dreams. You have the whole weekend to enjoy our discounts, yes, you will become a DIY expert in the retro world, do not worry because we have videos of the assembly of the kits, each piece brings a manual that we have prepared with great dedication and You can always write us an email or call us 😉 Don’t forget to share your assembled kit, so you will get discounts on future purchases! Discover the urban legends of retro video games that will leave you stunned! Don’t miss out on all the news about the arcade world and the gaming world on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Talentec fanpage, aren’t you following us yet? Take a look 😉